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The eleventh house in astrology is known as "labha (gains) house" as well as the house of "bhadak" (obstruction). It is also the house of social circles and hopes. It is considered as an auspicious house. However, it is obstructive for cardinal signs. Saturn in eleventh house may make its natives feel lonely.

i would say that you have a very dominant energy when it comes to sex. IN Relationships you may be more willing to let them take the lead, but this is a very sexually dominant combination. With sag in the first i would assume that you are very adventurous, cancer is a feminine sign and in the watery house of scorpio (8th house) making you a very comforting presence, and others may feel.

Uranus in the 8th house, in conjunction with favorable planets, gives reformers, public figures aimed at making the world a better place. Uranus can apply a negative imprint, creating challenges. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to find the way out through spiritual transformations. Aspects in the natal chart.




. Astro Notes III {synastry edition} *this is based off personal experiences and observations, when looking at synastry you need to take both individual charts into account and the chart as a whole* saturn in 3rd house overlay can manifest as feeing like two people run out of things to talk about. It could also play out where the house individual.

The hard aspects are a little more difficult to navigate. However, trines and sextiles to Saturn often favor longevity in relationships. I've seen Venus trine Saturn, or Sun trine Saturn in synastry produce long-term relationships. You can feel very vulnerable and exposed in the presence of someone who you have 12th House synastry with.

Saturn in Eighth House Meaning in Synastry. Saturn in the chart of one person placed in the eight house of another person, is often a sign of some shared responsibility regarding joint finances, inheritance, divorce, or insurance. The Saturn person can help the 8 th house person in the organization of their finances, corporate affairs, pay off.