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Jehovah's Witnesses consider Christmas to be "a celebration that is neither commanded nor We gratefully recognize that Jehovah's Witnesses thus clearly state their dependence on Scripture as.

Two former Jehovah’s Witness elders have called for mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse, saying the organisation believes it is “answerable only to God”. Duncan Corbett, who was an.

“When we arrived in the territory in which we were to preach from house to house, I told the Witness that I preferred to go alone at first. He agreed. As I approached the first door, I said to myself, ‘I sure hope that no one is home here.’ Was I relieved when no one answered. At the next home, I hoped the same thing, but a woman answered.




The Witnesses reported that 1975 was the 6000th anniversary of the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden in 4026 BCE. This prompted much of their membership to assume that 1975 was a likely date for Armageddon. The group seems to have done little to suppress that expectation. That year also passed uneventfully. Search: Jehovah witness door to door script. But during Sep 26, 2020 · Never mind the Bible – the new good book is alphabetised Y: Jehovah’s witnesses are helping tens of thousands of persons to learn Jehovah God’s will as expressed in the Holy Bible Jan 31, 2021 · Jehovah's Witnesses are well-known for going door to door to share their faith If you’re a witness, you would know that.

The bible answers jehovah's witness beliefs and practices. JW QUESTIONS: Answering Questions Your Jehovah's Witness Friends Ask Introduction: An Overview of Jehovah's.