How much is a honda odyssey catalytic converter worth in scrap

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The 2008 Honda Odyssey has 22 problems reported for excessive oil consumption. Average repair cost is $3,090 at 118,500 miles. (Page 1 of 2). Jan 21, 2021 · In fact, Rhodium—one of the key elements found inside catalytic converters—is currently worth approximately ten times more than gold. At the time of this writing, Rhodium is worth over $19,000 per ounce, whereas gold is worth a little less than $1,900 per ounce. How to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft.

Open Question. How many catalytic converters are on a 2006 Honda Odyssey? (The book says it has a "3-part catalytic converter".) Posted by LouHof on Oct 06, 2011.




There are different grading on domestic catalytic converters, and that is why the prices are ranging. There are various sizes of Regular Domestic Cats and the best way to tell is by emailing us pictures or stopping by with them so we can help you identify them better. Vehicle Types for Regular Domestic Catalytic Converters: Ford; Chevy; GM.

The 2004 Honda Odyssey has 30 problems reported for transmission failure. Average repair cost is $3,640 at 117,650 miles. (Page 1 of 2).

If the code is P0420 then it probably is the Cat, but if it is throwing a P0137, P0138, P0139 or P0141 it's probably just the 02. The OEM's are $1100.00 for a reason, FWIW an old worn out OEM cat (from a Japenese car) is worth $100.00 (hence the high theft rate) cash from the scrap guys where a A/M cat is worth about $5.00.